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[Jack sighed and put his journal aside as he stretched and heard his muscles pop. He smiles and shakes his head as he reaches for the glass of whiskey by his right hand and sips from it. ]

Not a young man anymore am I beautiful?  Should really learn to slow down some day before I get into trouble I can't get myself out of.

[He stands up and feels his muscles pop more. He feels the TARDIS brush across his mind as a knock comes at his door.]

Looks like trouble is about to find me looks like. Come on in.

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 Canon: Does what it says on the tin 

Arrow AU: Malcolm Meryln is Jack Harkness and a dark immortal is a dangerous thing. Anyone who mistakes either Jack or my Malcolm (welldressedevil) for the other will get this verse by default. 

Love Comes in Threes: Jack is in a committed relationship with Malcolm Meryln and Mercy Thompson. He and Malcolm uses their similar faces to swap places as needed. If Jack is being more of a fighter it's most likely Malcolm and if Malcolm is being hands on it's most likely Jack. This verse is mostly played on Bakerstreet. 

Nexus Verse: Jack was sent into another dimension called the Nexus where he connected with the Nexus itself and with his relatives Sam and Dean Winchester who were trapped there when they were younger. Talk about akward. 
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 Jack was bone tired. It had been a rough pregnancy, hell last time he'd done this he'd been 20 and mortal not immortal and over 1,000 years older. It had been rough then too, but this time he'd had more then a few assurances that it was going to work out and a lover willing to fuss over him. Now, after a long labor he had the proof in his hands. 

"Hey there princess," he said in his natural accent, a soft slurring of s' and rolled r's, "aren't you beautiful you wonderful, wonderful girl you." He gently kissed the top of the baby's head cuddled her. "You are going to be amazing I just know it." 
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 Jack rested with his feet up on the console of the TARDIS his new leather coat tossed haphazardly on the back of the captain's chair. He's humming softly to himself just a wordless tune. He is beyond happy to be in the only happy home he has ever known. He had wished that it had been under better reasons but he has the Doctor and that was all that mattered to him. 

He hears the sound of footsteps but he doesn't look around too comfortable to move. Besides who else could it be. He grins and waits for the Time Lord to speak. 


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