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Name:Captain Jack Harkness [Torchwood/Doctor Who]
Birthdate:Jun 16
Name: Captain Jack Harkness
Fandom: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Age: 1,146
Canon Point: Post Miracle Day with a touch of Star Trek/Marvel thrown in

Normal Head Canon: Jack is a fixed point in time as such he cannot die. After it was discovered his immortality could be passed on through the blood, the CIA took Jack into custody and used him as a test case. Their original aim was to restart the super solider serum using his blood. When that failed they began to mess with his genes. Jack eventually escaped never realizing that someone succeeded where the CIA failed 300 years later.

The fun loving Jack Harkness has a darker edge to edge he may have passed on to any family he may now have. And he is seeking that family out....and damm anyone who gets in his way.

Second Hope: Jack has dropped onto an Earth destroyed by Dalek's and Chuthri. Joining forces with Dr. John Watson Jack makes his way to safety. He is older than the Jack of this timeline and colder too. He doesn't hesitate to get done what needs to be done. He also has secrets, secrets he will take to the grave and even kill to keep.

[I am not Jack or John B. This is a roleplaying journal for fun. Both mun and muse are over 18 and there may be tigger worthy or adult material on this journal. You are warned.]

Interests (4):

john hart, tardis, the doctor. gwen cooper willams, torchwood
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